Residency Requirements

  • Student Living with Parent In ROISD

    Proof of Residency - ROISD defines current documentation as anything within the last 30 calendar days. At the time of enrollment, the parent or legal guardian must present Proof of Residency in the Attendance Zone of the school where they are seeking enrollment in the form of one or more of the following:

    1. Current water, electricity, or gas bill (no telephone bills) indicating address and the parent/guardian's name
    2. The most recent tax receipt indicating home ownership
    3. A current lease or rental agreement
    4. Other timely documents that indicate location of residence, as approved by the campus principal
    5. A copy of parent or legal guardian's current Texas Driver's License or Government issued ID. The name and address on current Driver's License or Government ID must match the name and address on the proof of residency presented.

    In addition, a legal contract to purchase or build a home within the District shall be accepted as proof of residency. The family has 90 days from the date of enrollment (1st day student attends school) until closing date.  If the family does not meet the 90-day criteria, the student shall be withdrawn and/or shall enroll in residing district.

    Student and Family Living with ROISD Resident

    Multiple Families in Households Affidavit - (Application must be requested at campus and completed annually)

    If you are unable to provide sufficient proof of residency because you currently live with someone who is a resident and there is no utility bill or lease agreement in your name, you and the ROISD resident will need to complete the Multiple Families in Household Affidavit and have each signature notarized.

    The person(s) residing in ROISD whom you are living with must present a copy of Proof of Residency (such as utility bill, etc.) and a current Texas Driver’s License or Government ID. The name and address on current Driver’s License or valid ID must match the name and address on Proof of Residency presented.

    Grandparent is resident of ROISD and provides substantial amount of after-school care:
    Grandparent's After-School Care Affidavit - (Application must be requested at campus and completed annually)

    For the purpose of admission under this provision, a substantial amount of after-school care consists of at least four hours per school day for five days during the regular school week. Grandparent and Parent of student must have signatures notarized.

    Student Living with ROISD Resident Separate and Apart from Parent/Legal Guardian

    Power of Attorney – (Application must be requested at campus and completed annually)

    The parent/legal guardian of student should start the enrollment process at the campus the student will attend. The school registrar will complete the registration process with the parent/guardian in person. An appointment for processing the enrollment request will not be made until all documents and forms are collected.

    Returning Student Procedures

    NEW BEGINNING IN 2019-2020, ALL RETURNING STUDENTS MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF RESIDENCY DOCUMENTATION AS A PART OF THE REGISTRATION COMPLETION PROCESS. Students are required to attach a current utility bill or any of the documents listed under Proof of Residency Requirements. If returning students are Non-Residents and were approved to attend Red Oak Schools through an alternate Proof of Residency Form, they are required to re-apply each year using one of the following forms:

    • Multiple Families in Households Affidavit - (Application must be requested at campus)
    • Grandparent's After-School Care Affidavit - (Application must be requested at campus)
    • Power of Attorney - (Application must be requested at campus)

    False Information

    ROISD Board Policy FD (LEGAL)

    When accepting a child for enrollment, a district shall inform the parent or other person enrolling the child that presenting a false document or false records in connection with enrollment is a criminal offense under Penal Code 37.10 (Tampering with Governmental Records) and that enrolling the child under false documents makes the person liable for tuition or other costs as provided below. Education Code 25.002(d)

    In addition to the penalty under Penal Code 37.10, a person who knowingly falsifies information on a form required for a student’s enrollment in a district is liable to the district if the student is not eligible for enrollment, but is enrolled on the basis of false information. For the period during which the ineligible student is enrolled, the person is liable for the maximum tuition fee a district may charge [see FDA] or the amount a district has budgeted per student as maintenance and operating expense, whichever is greater. Education Code 25.001(h). A district may include on its enrollment form notice of the legal penalties and liability for falsifying information on the form. Education Code 25.001(i) 

    The District will investigate and pursue appropriate action for individuals who do not meet the District’s residency criteria and/or falsify residency documentation.