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    Our Vision in Red Oak ISD is to Realize Our Individual Students’ Dreams (ROISD) and our Mission is to incorporate and instill the 4 Talons of the Hawk for each and every one of our students.

    Our measure of success does not solely lie on how we grade out on a standardized test, but on how we work to instill the 4 Talons of the Hawk in our students and who they become because of that. Seeing evidence of how our students live it out not only in their time as a student with us, but as an adult and a great contributor to our community and society as a whole is our measure of success. We have high expectations for all our students, and our commitment is to do all we can to help them reach their fullest potential.

    Four Talons of the Hawk are 1) exhibits academic readiness; 2) seeks challenges of learning; 3) strives to be fair, respectful & well rounded; and 4) leaves a legacy through service.

    We are on a mission for our students' success.

    We are PROUD to be HAWKS!

    The 4 Talons of the Hawk

    Talon 1-Exhibits Academic Readiness by being 1% better every day and loving tough Talon 2-Seeks Opportunities and Challenges of Learning through GRIT: Growth, Resilience, Integrity, Tenacity Talon 3-Fair, Respectful and Well Rounded Characteristics through REACH: Respect, Encourage, Appreciate, Communicate, Honor Talon 4-Leaves a Legacy through Service by putting We before Me

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