• Updated March 30, 2020

    Re: Comp Time

    Some para-professional staff members have accrued COMP time throughout the year. What we are asking is that supervisors work with those staff members to pick a day/time between now and April 24th to not be available to work at home or in district. The staff member will put their time off in Skyward and supervisors will need to approve the request to have time allocated. If you have questions, please email your supervisor or

    Re: Approved Absences

    Some staff members have already placed absences on AESOP/Skyward for personal days off between now and the end of the year. At this time, if you still plan on taking that day should we return to normal duties, please leave the absence in the system for now. For school business activities, the district will take those absences off the system. For personal time or sick time, staff will still need to either keep those days if they are not available to work or request the day be returned through their supervisor. Their supervisor will approve and send approval to

    Re: Benefits

    We are here to assist staff members that may be experiencing any changes that may impact FMLA and/or medical insurance coverage.  Please contact us at for further assistance.


    Updated March 17, 2020

    Is Red Oak ISD closed?

    Based on Ellis County's guidance and the county declaration of a state of disaster related to the COVID-19 pandemic, gatherings of more than 50 people have been prohibited through April 3, 2020. Red Oak ISD, along with other Ellis County school districts, will remain closed to students but on adjusted operations to provide student instruction through April 3, 2020. We will begin remote/distance learning on Monday, March 23, 2020. The district will reassess the closure status with local and state guidance the week of March 30.

    During the March 16-20 extended Spring Break, we are closed under the advisement of state and local officials. Staff are requested to stay out of district and campus buildings unless you are required to participate in the planning of district closures. Your supervisor will contact you if you are requested to be in attendance the week of March 16-20. As the district is closed this week, you will be required to document any work time using True Time (Hourly Staff) or a paper Activity Log (Contract Staff). The form was provided to supervisors on March 16, 2020.

    Will I continue to receive pay?

    Full-time staff will continue to receive their normal pay rate. The Board approved an emergency resolution on March 17, 2020, for staff to continue to be paid during district closures due to health and safety concerns.

    What are staff new work hours?

    Beginning Monday, March 23, all staff are expected to be available for work either on campus, in offices, by video or phone conferences based on the hours as established by your supervisor. Hours may vary based on work-related activities. Facilities will be closed for in-person instruction however the district will be operating as open with online instruction and limited staff in the district. Instructional staff should be available by phone and email from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. to assist students with instruction.

    Do I clock into TrueTime Skyward?

    The district will pay you for your normal primary work hours. You do not need to clock in and out when working. A small group of staff may be  required by their supervisor to turn in paper time sheets.

    What if I work over my 37.5/40 hours?

    Paraprofessional and auxiliary staff who work over their required weekly time will need preapproval in writing from their supervisor. If additional hours are approved, those hours will need to be documented on their activity log and also turned in to payroll.

    What if I choose to not work as required?

    The district can apply normal practices in regard to sick leave. As required of any staff leave, staff would need to submit FLMA paperwork. If an employee chooses not to telecommute or perform duties as required by the District, then the employee will be charged for their personal leave. Following normal district policy, the district can also discipline an employee who refused to work when the district is open.

    What if I already have a planned personal day off?

    If you are unavailable to work the scheduled workday, you will still need to place an absence on AESOP or Skyward per district policy. If you previously submitted a time off request but are not taking the day off and are still available to families or supervisor, please update your leave information. If you are taking a personal day, please make sure to notify students and parents that you will be unavailable that day for assistance.

    Does a district’s closure affect the calculation of an employee’s leave under the Family Medical Leave Act?

    Pursuant to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), closures in which an employee would not have been expected to report to work do not count toward an individual’s leave. The district is closed March 16-20, so those days will be re-calculated based on their current FMLA calendar in place.  

    What happens to timelines for Open Records or grievances if schools are closed or in session remotely?

    If the district is closed, then the days will not be counted towards the PIA or grievance timelines. If the district is open for business and telecommuting has started, the district should begin to offer teleconferences for grievances and complete PIA requests.

    Can the district ask an employee to receive a medical examination for the coronavirus?

    The district can ask the employee to submit to a medical examination if the employee is a direct threat to the health and safety of others.


    All staff will continue to receive their evaluations based on the time they have completed this year.

    Campus Access

    If you need access to personal items on the campus, please contact your supervisor/campus principal to make arrangements for access. No employees, students or parents are allowed on campuses at this time without written permission or directive from their supervisor.

    Little Hawks Learning Center

    Little Hawks Learning Center is closed at this time as well. Contact your Supervisor if you have questions.


    As the school closure circumstances were not anticipated, Red Oak ISD will be compensating our substitute professionals for any days you were already scheduled to work, from March 16 through April 3. For example, if you were scheduled to work three (3) days during that period of time, you will be paid at your daily rate for those three (3) days. If you were not scheduled to work during that time period, you will not receive any compensation. All compensation for scheduled March dates will be reflected on the April 9 payroll date. All compensation for scheduled April dates will be reflected on the May 8 payroll date. If you need additional information requiring this plan of action, please feel free to email our payroll department at