• Red Oak High School Class of 2024 Graduation

    The Mansfield ISD provides the live stream for graduations held at their location.

    Details for students, parents, and guests:

    1. Commencement Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2024
    2. Time: TBD
    3. Location: Mansfield ISD Performing Arts Center
    4.  Number of tickets per graduate: TBD will be given to graduating students ONLY
      • We currently have xxx graduates for a venue with seating for xxxx; the remaining xxxx are for high school staff, administration, and those assisting with the event.
    5. Student arrival time: TBD
      • On graduation day, participating students must arrive by TBD (usually 1 hour prior) and report to the holding area for final instructions. 
    6. We will have staff members present on-site to help with gowns, caps, and any other clothing issues.
    7. The “mortarboard” style graduation cap is to be worn flat on the top of the head.
      • Writing or messages on any of the clothing is not appropriate.
      • No decorations on the graduation cap.
    8.  Students will only wear honor cords and designated stoles denoting outstanding achievements in academics they have earned.
      • The wearing of homemade, commercial ones is strictly prohibited.
    9. Students who have not dressed appropriately or come to the ceremony in violation of the ROISD code of conduct will not be allowed to participate. Our staff will help monitor before and during the ceremony.  
    10. Commencement Practice:  Details from Mr. Gatewood in the ROHS Performing Arts Center
      • Students Only and Mandatory
      • If students do not attend, they will not be allowed to participate in the Commencement Ceremony.
    11. Senior Elementary School Walk: TBD

      1. Senior Elementary School Walk (buses take participating students to our ROISD elementary schools)
      2. Your cap and gown are required for these events.
      3. Return by bus

    12. Clear Bag Policy

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    Red Oak ISD and Red Oak High School have outlined specific rules for graduating students who elect to participate in the district ceremony. Families who wish to have items outside these rules should do so at their personal family functions.

    Answers to Questions:

    1. Only allowed ROISD Graduation Stoles
      1. White Collar: National Honor Society
      2. Gold Stole: Hawks Scholars
      3. Silver Stole: National Technical Honor Society
      4. Blue/Gold Stole: NJROTC

    2. Only allowed ROISD Graduation Cords
      1. Gold Cord: Distinguished achievement
      2. Silver Cord: Foundation with endorsement
      3. Blue/Yellow Cord: AP Capstone
      4. Teal Cord: STUCO
      5. Royal blue and gold Cord: Thespian Honor Society

    3. Clothing
      1. Men should wear dark slacks or a suit, with a button-down shirt and preferably a tie.
      2. Ladies should wear a modest dress or pantsuit. Dresses should not extend below the gown.
      3. No accessories or additions may be made to the gown.

    4. Types of Shoes Allowed
      1. Men must wear dark, solid-colored shoes.
      2. Ladies must wear neutral solid-colored shoes.
      3. Dress shoes only – NO FLIP FLOPS or HOUSE SHOES or SNEAKERS

    5. Colored Hair
      • Students’ hair, including facial hair, shall be clean, neatly cut, and/or combed so as to be kept out of the eyes.
      • Unnatural hair coloring (for example orange, pink, blue, yellow, etc.) is prohibited.

    6. Expectations for Behavior
      • All students participating in the commencement exercise at UTA College Park in Arlington MUST be present and participate in the practice. This is a necessity for planning and making the ceremony a serene and dignified event.
      • Students not wearing appropriate school dress or exhibiting behavior that is a violation of the code of conduct at the practice will not be allowed to participate; therefore, they will lose the opportunity to participate in the ceremony.
      • At practice, we will cover all expectations, such as when you receive your diploma, please stand and turn toward the camera for a picture. Refrain from any hand signs, gestures, signals, or any other behavior that takes away from this once-in-a-lifetime, dignified moment.

    Cap and Gown Orders

    In order to have a matching Red Oak maroon attire, participating students MUST order their cap and gown from Halls Recognition. Be sure to try on your gown when you receive it to make sure it fits and iron it before the ceremony.

    1. Heath hall
    2. hallsrecognition.com
    3. 972-723-8558
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