COVID-19 Dashboard

  • Updated beginning August 18, 2021

    LINK to area COVID Vaccination Clinics

    Red Oak ISD is committed to transparency and providing families and the community with current data regarding COVID cases. The district will be posting the numbers of lab-confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, on a daily basis.

    For the 2021-2022 School Year, we are 'contact tracing' elementary students due to their inability to receive the vaccine at this time. This provides parents with the information necessary to make an informed decision whether to quarantine their child or have them return to school. We will include ALL ROISD student or staff member cases regardless of exposure or possible contraction location. Cases will also be communicated via email directly to the employees and parents of affected campuses.

    We continue to follow all guidelines that prioritize public health and protect our students and staff to the greatest extent possible. We remind all students, staff, parents and the community that together we can reduce the number of active cases by practicing social distancing, wearing a mask, and frequently washing our hands. Please stay home if you are sick or have any symptoms, have been exposed to someone with COVID (or someone with multiple symptoms and they are being tested), or if you are awaiting test results.

    Any positive case is excluded from all campuses and must follow health department isolation guidelines. Return criteria are outlined on the Return2Learn webpage and given to each individual sent home.

    Together we can keep each other safe.


    COVID-19 Dashboard:


  • 915 Total Red Oak ISD Staff
  • 7 Active cases in ROISD staff

  • 6289 Total number of ROISD Students
  • 67 Active cases in ROISD students
  • Campus/Facility Number of Students Number of Staff *  Active Cases % of Campus Population Recovered Cases
    Eastridge Elementary 463  59 2 .38 25
    Red Oak Elementary 547  71 12 1.94 20
    Schupmann Elementary 603  71 4 .59 46
    Shields Elementary 553  65 6 .97 13
    Wooden Elementary 504  67 8 1.40 25
    Red Oak Middle School 1579  146 23 1.33 146
    Red Oak High School 2040  226 18 .79 132
    ROISD ESC/Other Facilities**   210 1 .48 15
    TOTALS 6289 915 74 1.03 422

    *Number includes all staff assigned to that campus, including cafeteria staff, custodians, paraprofessionals, teachers, and administrators. 
    **Includes maintenance, transportation, custodial, PD, LHLC, non-campus, and non-ESC assigned staff.

    Student/staff counts as of Sept. 7, 2021

    The COVID-19 Dashboard will be updated at the end of each school day by 6:00 p.m.