Assessment & Accountability Services

  • Our Purpose

    Assessment & Accountability Services is responsible for all State assessments from grades K-12 and reporting results.

    Our Goals

    • To provide data-informed feedback to students so that they can analyze what they have learned and what they still have to learn for a particular course, grade level, or bundle of instruction.
    • To provide data-informed feedback to parents about the academic progress of their child in our school system. 
    • To provided data-informed feedback to teachers about students’ learning so that delivery methods can be enhanced to create more effective teaching and learning. 
    • To provide data-informed feedback to administrators and the Curriculum/Instruction Department regarding the effectiveness of curriculum and curriculum delivery. 
    • To ensure that all required training and best practices are communicated and followed by the district staff during State assessments.
  • Melissa Sulak

    Melissa Sulak
    Executive Director
    Assessment & Accountability

    2023-2024 Student Assessment Calendar 

    Office Hours:

    Monday - Friday
    8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



    Red Oak ISD
    109 W. Red Oak Rd.
    PO Box 9000
    Red Oak, TX 75145