Let's Talk Curriculum

  • April 9, 2020

    Red Oak ISD,

    Due to COVID-19, we are delaying the closing of the 5th-six weeks grading period, thus report cards will not yet be available.

    We are working to evaluate and propose revisions to the ROISD second-semester grading policies and expect a decision next week. In the meantime, it’s important that all students engage in the at-home instructional program and know that students will need to participate in the assignments and assessments for teachers to record progress in the required Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). 

    We miss each of our students and cannot wait to be able to see you again soon. Please contact your student’s teachers or your student’s campus if you need any assistance.


    Tracking Log

    April 2, 2020

    Red Oak ISD Parents:

    In order to provide instructional support and continuity during school closures, Red Oak ISD is utilizing a flexible instruction method where parents/guardians manage and monitor daily instructional activities OFFERED as at-home learning (Many teachers/grades/schools send weekly lessons, to be done each day; please mark as daily).

    Serving as partners in their child’s education, parents/guardians must have the opportunity to engage their students in instructional activities provided by ROISD. It is essential to maintain a record of the DAYS your child was OFFERED instruction while at home in order to prescribe future lessons/support AND ALLOW CREDIT FOR THE COURSE(S). Please complete this form and submit it to the student’s teacher by the established deadline.

    Records will be collected at the conclusion of the at-home instruction period.
    It is important for you to retain these records until collected.

    This log is meant to serve as a means of determining that:

    1. Red Oak ISD PROVIDED your student(s) with at-home instruction either virtually/online and/or through packets/email activities and curriculum.
    2. Your student used the curriculum in an effort to grow academically.
    3. Your student participated in the at-home learning instruction in order to show effort and consideration of promotion to the next grade level.

    This log is NOT meant to track the number of minutes or hours your child spent. We are aware that some of you are having students do the bulk of their work on the weekends when you are with them and that is completely fine. 

    This only shows we PROVIDED it to you on the school days as listed. 

    Notice that the dates only go through May 1st, which is the current date given according to Governor Abbott.  In the event we are further extended, you will simply write in the dates for additional weeks and continue the process.

    Please keep this log updated. It will be returned when students return to campuses. We will keep you informed of how, when, and where to return the completed form. 

    If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher by email.


    Each campus will be communicating out specific resources on Mondays by grade level (elementary) and by course (secondary). The goal is content delivery and connections for student learning. 


    • Elementary will be grade-specific instruction (PK-5) across the district with teachers providing supplemental instruction and available by phone or email from 8 a.m to 3 p.m. each weekday.
    • You should receive a campus email Mondays at 8 a.m. with directions and links to instruction.


    • Secondary learning will use Naviance activities for students and begin Canvas and other online tools for content delivery.
    • The Naviance program will be used for enriching students' knowledge about college and careers. Over the coming weeks, students will complete a variety of tasks to further their insight into individual learning, career interests, and college interests. Many students have been using Naviance this year, and Red Oak ISD will continue to provide this enrichment through instructional tasks to complete. The first instructional tasks will be made available on Monday, March 23, 2020. Below are instructions for accessing Naviance and completing tasks.
    • You should receive campus emails/newsletters with directions and links to instruction.

    Special Education

    • By law, if an LEA (Local Education Agency - Red Oak ISD) continues to provide educational opportunities to the general student population during school closure, the school must ensure that students with disabilities also have equal access to the same opportunities, including the provision of Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE).
    • All special education teachers will work based off of a student’s IEP to design remote learning which meets students needs and addresses students goal.
    • General education teachers will implement accommodations for students. Special education teachers will collaborate with general education teachers to determine what supports are needed for each student to access the remote learning and put the supports into place.
    • Special education teachers will modify the online curriculum as determined by a student’s IEP. Special education services and related services provided remotely will be a blended approach that will include one-on-one sessions with the teacher, virtual small-group instruction, instructional videos, online activities, and provided at-home activities as needed. 

    *disclaimer that this could be changing day-by-day