Grading Policy Change

  • The State response to the dangers of the COVID-19 disease has required ROISD to respond with revisions to its grading policies. The following is a revision to the ROISD grading policies for the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year and subject to change based upon further State action.

    ROISD students have received a grade for the 4th-six weeks grading period. The 5th- six weeks grading period that ended April 3 received grades through March 6 before Spring Break. COVID-19 restrictions and policies were initiated over the spring break whereby ROISD was closed from March 16-20. Online and home-packet instructional opportunities were initiated on March 23. As of March 30, all instruction has moved to online due to health and safety protocols. 

    The following is a recommendation to modify the ROISD grading policy due to the COVID-19 epidemic which has caused the district to modify instruction district-wide and respond to issues resulting from this significant change. The goal is to maintain as much consistency as practical and to align with federal, state, and district laws and policies as closely as practical with the minimum number of revisions.

    • 5th-six weeks report cards will be issued on May 1. Please check your Skyward account.

    For questions, please contact Scott Rogers at




2020 Grading Policy Change FAQs

  • I thought the work provided was optional?

  • How did we arrive at these decisions?

  • Why are you taking numeric grades at this time? Did you consider a pass/fail method?

  • Will there be final exams?

  • How will GPA be figured for seniors?

  • Since 5th six weeks is over but still open to grade input, does that mean my student can make up a failing or missing grade?

  • How can my student make up missing or failing work?

  • What will be the grading practices in Dual Credit courses?

  • What about AP exams?

  • My student was failing at semester, can they still be retained?

  • How and when will parents be notified of student grades?

  • How can we obtain school transcripts and teacher recommendations now that schools are closed?