District Advisory Committee

  • The District Advisory Committee (DAC) is a group of individuals who meet four to six times per year to advise the Superintendent and the School Board on educational plans, goals, performance objectives, and major classroom instructional programs. The committee is made up of representatives from the professional staff of the District, parents of students enrolled in the District, and business and community members. The committee is advisory in nature, and each year the committee evaluates the academic progress in the District and assists staff in making appropriate changes in the District Educational Improvement Plan. See BQA(LOCAL).

    Meeting Dates and Minutes

    District Advisory Committee Members

    Brenda Sanford | Superintendent | Term ends 2022

    Shondra Jones | Chairperson | Term ends 2022


    Charles Moon | Teacher | Term ends 2021

    Maggie Sibley | Teacher | Term ends 2021

    Sandi Grady | Non-teaching Professional | Term ends 2021


    Paul Moten | Teacher | Term ends 2021

    Christine Mullins | Teacher | Term ends 2021

    Fabian Garcia | Non-teaching Professional | Term ends 2022


    Dana Sosebee | Teacher | Term end 2021

    Jana Franco | Teacher | Term ends 2022

    Melanie Dixon | Non-teaching Professional | Term ends 2022


    Kaitlin Giallanza | Teacher | Term ends 2021

    Lauri Taylor | Teacher | Term ends 2021

    Shelby Bliss | Non-teaching Professional | Term ends 2022


    Lori Mentzel | Teacher | Term ends 2021

    Laura Aguirre | Teacher |Term ends 2022

    Jill Bowers | Non-teaching Professional | Term ends 2022


    April Garcia | Teacher | Term ends 2021

    Elizabeth Sanden | Teacher | Term ends 2021

    Victoria Jackson | Non-teaching Professional | Term ends 2021


    Sinthia Perez | Teacher | Term ends 2022

    Rachelle Bergman | Teacher | Term ends 2021

    Matt Northcutt | Non-teaching Professional | Term ends 2021

    Red Oak ISD continually seeks individuals willing to serve on district committees and task forces to improve and study the education provided in the district. Parents, community members and business representatives who are interested in serving on a District Advisory Committee or any future committees are asked to email Instructional Support Specialist, Denise Lawrence.

    Email Denise Lawrence (denise.lawrence@redoakisd.org)