Phone: 972-617-2941


Degrees and Certifications:

BFA in Digital Media Production

James Murphy

People get a little nervous when they see me come by with a camera in hand; don't be! I'm here to tell your or your student's story, whether it's in pictures or videos. Trust me, I'm no paparazzi. I've always had a love for visual storytelling--just ask my parents after I took over their VHS camcorder as a kid.

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts in Digital Media Production back in 2007 (Merry Christmas to me!) when I lived in Atlanta, where I also met my wife, Patricia. We moved to Montgomery, Alabama (Roll Tide!) in 2010, where I worked for a broadcast media company for four and a half years. During that time, we had our two girls and realized our space there was running out.

It was then that we decided we needed a change and to tell happy stories, and the best place to do it was Texas. We moved here back in 2015. In December 2018, we welcomed our first boy (also the caboose of our family).

Since coming here, I very much treasure the emphasis Red Oak ISD puts on students and families. This allows me to be there for my family when I'm needed (award assemblies, last-minute pickup, random surprise lunch visits, etc.) while understanding the ins-and-outs of education, helping me appreciate teachers more!

I love going to movies, video games, swimming, water sports, photography, watching football, and cooking. I'm always on the lookout for more things to enjoy! I am very approachable, so if you see me with a camera, please feel free to come up, pose, smile, and get excited that I'm there to tell your story!