Improvement Plans

  • Red Oak ISD administrative staff developed Campus and District Improvement Plans. The plans focuses on four major goals:

    1. Exhibits Academic Readiness: Equip all students for high levels of academic achievement and continuous growth and development.
    2. Seeks Opportunities and Challengers of Learning: Promote and support an environment that inspires high levels of student growth, resilience, integrity, and tenacity.
    3. Demonstrates Fair, Respectful and Well-Rounded Characteristics: Provide all students with a safe, secure, nurturing, and positive learning environment
    4. Leaves a Legacy Through Service: Actively engage all stakeholders to model and support servant-leadership. 

    Using a comprehensive needs assessment and data reports, the staff developed campus and district plans that includes objectives, strategies, persons responsible, timelines, and evaluation benchmark.


    Campus & District Improvement Plans

    Plans for 2020-2021 school year

  • *2020-2021 Formative Plan


    By policy and practice, the Board only approves District & Campus Goals and Objectives which were approved at the October Board Meeting. The plans are continually reviewed and revised throughout the year. The posted plans are the working documents for the District & Campus Improvement Plans.