ROISD Marketing Program

  • Red Oak ISD Marketing Program Overview

    Many districts pursue advertising/marketing revenue sources to support district programs. Red Oak ISD currently allows individual teams/clubs to secure ‘sponsors’ in exchange for program advertising. We are now adding advertising and marketing at the district level. Many area companies are looking for local advertising and marketing opportunities and district family populations are often their ideal target. In other cases, area businesses just wish to support the Hawks with marketing dollars.

    ROISD Communications has developed the district marketing/advertising footprint with several tiered packages and a la carte items in a variety of prices ranges. Sponsorship will have guidelines to prevent sales to alcohol, tobacco, or companies not best geared toward staff, students, and parents of Red Oak ISD.

    Funds will be utilized for upfront cost for signage, then allocated for staff and student recognition programs, support for extra-curricular programs, and support for student programming and other needs. For instance, a sponsor-paid speaker for a student assembly, gift cards for staff and students for Top Hawk and Hawk Staff Spotlight, gift cards for a family who losses everything in a fire, or material costs for a district community service project.

    We will offer marketing opportunities to area businesses, organizations, plus entities we have historically conducted business with – but will include statements that advertising has no bearing on future vending opportunities.

    For more information or questions, contact:

    Red Oak ISD Communications
    Beth Trimble, Chief
    972-671-2941 x4013