Colors for Caring

  • Colors for Caring-We Fight It Together Cancer, medical conditions, disabilities and other issues affect millions of people each year. Red Oak ISD wants each person affected to know that they do not stand alone. ROISD will begin the Colors for Caring initiative to visibly show community support for loved ones who are battling against these medical conditions.

    On the second Wednesday of each month in the 2019-2020 school year, Red Oak ISD is encouraging the Hawk family and Hawk community to wear a color that represents one of these medical conditions that has affected the life of a loved one. Red Oak ISD students may wear a t-shirt or polo shirt of the color they choose to support, with jeans, on these designated days. Shirts should be a solid color or make reference to the medical condition or disability represented. Please view the chart below.

    The Colors for Caring Days for 2020-2021 are:

    Wednesday, September 9
    Wednesday, October 14
    Wednesday, November 11
    Wednesday, December 9
    Wednesday, January 13
    Wednesday, February 10
    Wednesday, March 10
    Wednesday, April 14
    Wednesday, May 12

    Be sure to share your Colors for Caring pictures by emailing them to or using the hashtag #ColorsforCaring on social media.

    Colors for Caring:

    This is not an all-inclusive list. Please visit Disable World for a comprehensive list.

    • Lime - Lymphoma
    • Black - Melanoma
    • Burgundy - Multiple Myeloma
    • Teal - Ovarian Cancer
    • Purple - Pancreatic Cancer, ITP, Dementia, & Epilepsy
    • Light Blue - Prostate Cancer
    • Orchid - Testicular Cancer
    • Teal/Pink/Blue - Thyroid Cancer
    • Peach - Uterine Cancer
    • White - Lung Cancer
    • Plum - Honors Caregivers
    • Royal Blue - Autism
    • Lavender - All Cancers
    • Yellow - Bladder Cancer & Sarcoma/Bone Cancer
    • Grey - Brain Cancer
    • Pink - Breast Cancer
    • Teal/White - Cervical Cancer
    • Gold - Childhood Cancer
    • Dark Blue - Colon Cancer
    • Periwinkle - Esophageal Cancer & Stomach Cancer
    • Burgundy/Ivory - Head/Neck Cancer
    • Orange - Kidney Cancer & Leukemia
    • Emerald - Liver Cancer
    • Blue - Diabetes
    • Red - Heart Disease