• Red Oak ISD Employee Perks Program

    Employee Discounts

    The Red Oak ISD is partnering with area businesses to foster positive relationships with our employees that will be mutually beneficial and enjoyable for all.

    The district launched HAWKperks with community businesses to establish a way for businesses to recognize school district employees for their service to the children of Red Oak and provide businesses an avenue to reach all 900 employees. As businesses support our employees with offers of discounts for services or goods, we will list those businesses and offers to our staff through our website, social media, and internal communications. Employees will feel appreciated by the community, and businesses will benefit through additional exposure to our 900 dedicated employees.

    Education employees may also seek discounts through a clearinghouse - https://educationdiscounts.net/

    Becoming a partner is free and easy. Businesses wanting to offer discounted services or goods to Red Oak ISD employees should do the following:
    • Offer an appreciable discount (recommend no less than 10% of total purchase).
    • Remember offer/discount applies to ALL Red Oak ISD employees.

    If you have any questions or comments, please call Beth Trimble in the Communications office at 972-617-2941.


    We ask that you join in this effort to build a stronger relationship between the Red Oak business community and the Red Oak ISD. Your generosity is one more way of showing support for our public schools and the individuals who commit themselves to children across the city. We will mail you a decal for your business window so employees will know to ask about the discount.

    All interested businesses are asked to complete the registration form today.


    1. Business must provide a physical address.
    2. Business must provide a contact information including name and phone number.
    3. Offer a discount - i.e. 10% discount, $20 off, no processing fee, etc.
    4. Discount must apply to ALL Red Oak ISD employees, not just teachers.
    5. Registration forms must obtain approval from the Red Oak ISD Communications Office.
    6. Business must be legitimate, as recognized by city, county and state law.
    7. Participating businesses must provide written notification to be removed from the list.
    8. Employees must show valid Red Oak ISD badge / ID to receive discount.
    9. Red Oak ISD reserves the right to not accept an offer or remove a participating business for non-compliance. 


    Participating companies do so voluntarily and with no expectation of future district business. All district business will be conducted by state law and in accordance with Board Policy. The Red Oak ISD does not endorse participating companies, but merely offers employees the stated discount. All transactions are between the individual and the participating company. The Red Oak ISD has no part of the transaction. Employees are responsible for providing proof of employment and establishing the discounted price before purchase. The Red Oak ISD Employee Perks coordinator has the sole discretion to include or exclude any company or business.