• Red Oak ISD uses the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) principles of planning, preparing, and practicing to deal with a variety of emergency events that could affect district campuses and facilities.  SRP is a nationally renowned program from the “i love u guys” Foundation. It is used extensively across the United States by school districts, colleges & universities, businesses, and the Texas Safety School Center.  

    SRP is taught to staff and students.  SRP provides an action-based approach to achieving a safer school environment through easily learned safety concepts.  SRP teaches five basic directives regarding emergencies: HOLD, SECURE, LOCKDOWN, EVACUATE, & SHELTER.


    SRP posters show each directive and safety actions to be taken by students, staff, and visitors. SRP posters are displayed in each classroom, office, and common areas of all ROISD facilities in English and Spanish.

    We ask that anyone visiting a Red Oak ISD facility be familiar with the SRP directives and follow the safety actions listed on the poster.