ROISD Ozone Alert Days Protocol

  • On school days when the air quality is determined to be poor the following procedures will be used for determining whether students can participate in outdoor activities, including but not limited to recess and physical education.

    Level Yellow Alert Days: Caution for sensitive groups.

    • Modify activities for students with respiratory illness such as asthma or bronchitis.
    • Reschedule high energy outdoor activities for the morning and avoid times when air quality is poorest (late afternoon)
    • Spend less time in high-energy activity
    • Reduce the intensity of the activity

    Level Orange Alert Days: Air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups.

    • Students diagnosed with asthma or other respiratory conditions should be monitored closely.
    • Students with severe asthma or respiratory conditions should be excused from all outdoor activities.

    Level Red Alert Days: Indicates that the air quality is unhealthy for everyone.

    • Outdoor activities will be cancelled for students.
    • All recess and physical education activities will take place inside.

    Level Purple or Maroon Alert Days: Air quality is very unhealthy or hazardous.

    • All recess and physical education activities will be suspended.

    The Air Quality Index (AQI) provides local information on local air quality. Information on the AQI can be accessed at the National Weather Service website.

    Exceptions for Athletics/Co-curricular Activities:

    **Secondary students who are being purposefully acclimated to outside conditions for co-curricular activities/athletics will use separate guidelines from trainers/coaches/sponsors. All students will be carefully monitored and student safety will be the highest priority for all decisions.