District Curriculum

  • The TEKS Resource System is the ROISD adopted curriculum and provides teachers and students with the Board’s expectations of what students are to learn. The TEKS Resource System is the “what” to teach, but ROISD relies upon its teachers for the “how” to teach.

    The TEKS Resource System is a comprehensive K-12 curriculum management system that analyzes the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and provides a coherent sequence of content for teachers. The curriculum model aligns the written, taught, and tested curriculum and is inclusive of research and best practices.

    The content includes curriculum and assessment components aligned to the most current versions of the State Board of Education adopted TEKS for the following subject areas:

    • English Language Arts and Reading (K-12)
    • Mathematics (K-12)
    • Science (K-12)
    • Social Studies (K-12)
    • Spanish Language Arts and Reading (K-5)

    The TEKS Resource System provides a common language, structure, and process for curriculum development. It is designed to accompany district-approved instructional materials and is customizable to meet the needs of individual students.