Section 504

  • The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, commonly referred to as "Section 504," is a nondiscrimination statute enacted by the United States Congress. The purpose of the Act is to prohibit discrimination and to assure that disabled students have educational opportunities and benefits equal to those provided to nondisabled students.


    Based on evaluation data gathered from a variety of sources, a Section 504 Committee will meet to answer the following questions to determine a student’s Section 504 eligibility:

    1. Does the student have a physical or mental impairment? (This is an educational determination only and not a medical diagnosis for treatment purposes.) 
    2. Does the impairment substantially limit one or more major life activities?

    504 Coordinators

    If you have questions regarding Section 504, you can call the main campus line or email the Campus 504 Coordinators listed below:

    Elementary Campuses

    Secondary Campuses