Medication Guidelines

  • ROISD Guidelines

    • All medication must be in its original container and not past the expiration date.
    • Written permission is needed from physician and parent/guardian! All medications are carried to and from school by parent/guardian.
    • All medications will be counted when delivered to and released from school nurse to parent.
    • All prescription medications must be properly labeled in their original container. Properly labeled prescription is one with the pharmacy label stating the student's name, name of medication, dosage to be administered, doctor's name, and date prescription filled.
    • No medications will be given that is NOT FDA approved.
    • Staff shall not administer medication that exceeds recommended maximum dosage in the Physician’ Desk Reference.
    • All requests are for current school year only.
    • Non-prescription (or over-the-counter) medication will be given for only 5 consecutive days. If needed over 5 days a physician’s note will be required.
    • Non-prescription medications must also be age appropriate, in original container, not past expiration date and must be accompanied by proper permission.
    • For herbal or dietary supplements…see Legal and Local policy for ROISD Health Services.

    Parents/Guardians of the student need to download (see Related Documents in upper right) the ROISD Health Services/Medication Guidelines and Authorization to Carry Medication. Please read carefully and fill out the form completely with appropriate signatures prior to bringing medication to school.