Student Nutrition Prices and Menus


    The Red Oak ISD Student Nutrition Department provides nutritious meals within the required guidelines for all students. See below for meal prices, meal breakdowns, and information regarding changes in federally-funded, universal meals provided during COVID.

  • Elementary and ROMS Meal Prices

    • Breakfast (PK-8) - $1.30
    • Elementary (K-5) Lunch - $2.80
    • Secondary (6-8) Lunch - $2.90

    • Staff & Visitor Breakfast - $1.80
    • Staff & Visitor Lunch - $3.25

    February Elementary Breakfast and Lunch Menu

  • Red Oak High School Meal Prices

    • Student Breakfast - $1.50
    • Student Lunch - $3.00

    • Staff & Visitor Breakfast - $1.80
    • Staff & Visitor Lunch - $3.25
  • How to make a nutritious meal! 

    Choose 3-5 options for a full lunch meal:

    • one entrée
    • one selection of each fruit offered (ES/MS), two selections of each fruit in high school
    • two selections of vegetables 
    • a grain/bread which may be part of the entrée or separate
    • milk

    Choose 3-4 options for a full breakfast meal:

    • an entrée which may be a combination of grain/bread and meat
    • two selections of fruit and/or juice
    • milk

    In order to make a complete reimbursable meal, students must select a fruit or vegetable option as part of their meal. 

    The items taken must = 3 or more (one of those must be fruit or vegetable)

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