• A CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN is designed to encourage individual educators to develop and/or support instructional programs that stimulate thought and advance new approaches to teaching in all curriculum areas PreK-12. They can be used for classroom programs or for larger projects to fund a program, department, grade level or campus (these projects focus on particular subject areas and are expected to impact a greater number of students).

    Eligible Applicants: Applicants must be ROISD Classroom teachers directly involved with the instruction of students.

    Required Signatures:

    • Applicant(s) as well as all other administrative signatures which may be required.
    • In the case of “team” proposals, all members of the team must be a party to the application as well as all other administrative signatures which may be required. (Ex: 6th Grade Center or 11th Grade Math) A Project Director must be designated to assume overall administrative responsibility for the project.

    Award of Funds: Crowdfunding Campaigns should be reasonable and for only amount needed for project/equipment.

    Implementation Timeline: Projects must be designed to begin during the current school year.

    Eligible Projects: All projects MUST directly involve the instruction of students. Requesting alternate funding for an existing project or program is allowed. The campaign proposal must include clearly stated objectives, detailed instructional procedures, and measurable evaluation procedures to evaluate the success of the project. Crowdfunding can be used to obtain items not eligible under the ROISD Education Foundation Grant Program. Therefore, it can be used to fund the continuation of existing projects or to fund projects that exist on other ROISD Campuses. It can also be used to purchase additional equipment.

    Approval of Crowdfunding Project: The principal/director must pre-approve the Crowdfunding project/request PRIOR to it being submitted to the Crowdfunding Committee for consideration. 

    For more information including FAQs, procedures, guidelines, application form, budget worksheet, and summary report form, download...