Our Philosophy

  • "" Vision Statement

    Our Vision in Red Oak ISD is to Realize Our Individual Students’ Dreams (ROISD)

    Mission Statement

    Our Mission is to incorporate and instill the 4 Talons of the Hawk for each and every one of our students.

    Those 4 Talons are:

    Exhibits Academic Readiness

    • 1% better every day 
    • Love & Accountability 

    Seeks Opportunities and Challenges of Learning

    • GRITGrowth, Resilience, Integrity, Tenacity 

    Demonstrates Fair, Respectful & Well Rounded Characteristics

    • REACHRespect, Encourage, Appreciate, Communicate, Honor 

    Leaves a Legacy through Service

    • We before Me 


    Core Beliefs

    We believe that:

    each student is equally important.

    every student has value.

    students are responsible for their decisions and actions.

    each student deserves to be loved and respected.

    all students can learn.

    all students have the right to a safe school environment.

    parental and community involvement strengthens the school environment.