2022 Prize Parade

  • The Red Oak ISD Education Foundation, established in 2002 as a 501c3 non-profit, has served the staff and students of Red Oak ISD through teacher grants, scholarships, teacher appreciation, and special fund requests. With the recent announcement of $57,400 additional teacher grants, the Foundation tops $1.4 million in contributions in 19 years!

    The Foundation Board reviews dozens of teaching grants annually and this year selected 23 outstanding grants to fund for unique student learning and enhancement of existing programs. With a speaker blaring the HS drumline and celebration music, members of the Foundation Board and ROISD administration joined together for the Prize Parade at each campus!

    2021 Teaching Grant Campus Totals:

    Eastridge ES           1 grant                $860.00

    Red Oak ES            5 grants         $12,461.25

    Schupmann ES       6 grants         $13,638.90

    Shields ES              3 grants         $11,716.61

    Wooden ES            2 grants           $5,466.29

    Red Oak MS           3 grants           $5,627.93

    Red Oak HS            3 grants           $7,627.21

    Total                      23 grants        $57,398.19

    A few examples of the outstanding grants include:

    Oh, The Places Kinder Will Go!  - Wooden ES

    What could be more exciting to a Kindergarten student than being a construction worker, joining the army, or diving deep under the sea! All Kindergarten students including dual-language speakers will participate in engaging and highly motivating classroom transformations to master ELAR, Math, and Science TEKS.

    GLOW AND GROW - Red Oak ES

    GLOW AND GROW will be used to enhance Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies skills in a fun and playful way with a light table learning station for all subject areas in all Kinder and Pre-K.

    Focused and Flexible in Fourth - Schupmann ES

    Flexible seating teaches students collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking, while also allowing quick and easy pair-up, small groups, or whole-class discussions. Flexible seating creates more student control and less teacher control, showing improved student engagement and performance, making the classroom "ours" instead of "mine."

    OSMO Learning Beyond the Screen – Eastridge ES

    It’s no secret that students in Pre-Kindergarten learn through hands-on/interactive methods. Osmos do just this!  They integrate the technology our students are accustomed to with hands-on manipulatives to make learning interactive and hands-on.  Students will work on skills in mathematics, reading, problem-solving, and phonics.

    Bringing Bare Bones to “Life Science” - Schupmann ES

    The purchase of needed models for abstract concepts will increase our students' understanding of complex concepts. Few students are aware of the importance science places on testing and refining models to build better understandings of the processes they seek to explain.

    Creative Learning with Puppets - Red Oak ES

    This project of a puppet stage and a puppet-making station will be managed by the librarian and 5th-grade students during Makerspace, but also will be used to collaborate with all classroom teachers. It would allow students to interact and "show what they know" in a creative way. Students would be the producers instead of consumers for learning.

    Storytime + STEM = STEAM - Shields ES

    Students are natural-born scientists who are curious and eager to explore the world around them and everything in it!  As teachers, it is our job to nurture their scientific spirit and help them form questions, foster investigations, collect data and share their conclusions. We want to provide Storytime + STEM = STEM centered discovery activities that will focus on creative skills to boost engagement by making learning more fun and accessible

    Read Naturally Live – Red Oak MS

    Read Naturally Live is a computer-based reading intervention program that allows flexibility and meets the student where they are at their reading level. The program works with vocabulary, comprehension, character development, and fluency. The teacher will be able to monitor the students and work with the students one on one while they go through the intervention process on their device.

    Creating Community in a Virtual World – Red Oak HS

    “Creating Community in a Virtual World” will provide students with the leadership skills necessary to help improve our campus culture.  We will be partnering with Envolve Schools, a dynamic leadership program, to design personalized training to match the specific needs of our campus. Led by STUCO, students from every organization are invited to come together with campus advisors to build a better campus.

    More about the Red Oak ISD Education Foundation

    As the philanthropic partner to the school district, the Foundation provides ROISD students with exceptional programs that will enhance the quality of education and present them with opportunities they may not otherwise experience. Funds are raised through various activities including a golf tournament and the unique Handbags for Hawks event, plus an employee partner program, student Jar Wars coin drive, and general donations.

    2021 Prize Parade Recap-March 11, 2021

    Montage of pictures of Edcation Foundation Grants recipients for 2021