Board of Directors

  • Role of Directors

    Foundation directors have a genuine interest in the mission and goals of the Foundation and are willing to use personal time, influence and specialized or professional knowledge for the benefit of the students and staff that are supported through the Foundation’s work.

    Board of Directors

  • Monique Ballard

    Kerri Shackelford
    Vice-President - Administration

    Annette Adamcik
    Vice-President - Development

    Lynne Grandstaff

    Monica Ball

    Dr.  Mark Stanfill
    Director at Large

    Tina North
    Director at Large

    Karen Anderson
    Executive Director

    Paige Davis
    Administrative Coordinator


  • Nancy Atkins

    Marcus Balch

    Megan Carter

    Terressa Chandler

    Heather Francis

    Lynne Grandstaff

    Kenneth Govan

    Cindy Harvey

    Julian Howard

    Jerry Kirby

    Charmin McKee

    Mary Moss

    Joane Muhammad

    Stephen Pape

    Jessica Sanchez

    Jerry Watson

    Andrea Walton