TSTC North Texas

  • TSTC and Red Oak ISD Bring Technical Education to All Districts

    Red Oak ISD is proud to partner with Texas State Technical College in offering top-notch technical education to Red Oak High School students. TSTC North Texas is a state-of-the-art college campus located a few hundred yards from Red Oak High School. Students have the opportunity to take dual credit courses while earning their high school and college credits simultaneously at TSTC. Exclusive to Red Oak High School students is a 50% discount on tuition and fees at cost. For a complete list of program offerings and more information, visit the TSTC Program List or call 972-617-4040.

  • History of ROISD and TSTC Partnership

    The citizens of Ellis County exercised foresight by seeing the future workforce landscape requiring some type of post-secondary technical education of two years or less. In the early part of 2013, State Rep. Jim Pitts, TSTC Chancellor Michael L. Reeser began conversations with Red Oak ISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Niven. Shortly thereafter, a cohort of Ellis County superintendents drafted a letter in support of bringing a branch of TSTC to the area. Forging the way for that reality, Rep. Jim Pitts introduced a bill (HB 3640) sponsored by Sen. Brian Birdwell in the Senate, authorizing the creation of a TSTC extension center in Ellis County.

    The Red Oak ISD School Board unanimously voted to deed a portion of land adjacent to Red Oak High School to TSTC for the establishment of the North Texas campus. In return, all active Red Oak High School students may attend TSTC dual credit courses at half price and pay fees at cost.