• ROHS Alumni Association selects Glendon and Wynona Haney as 2017 Distinguished Alumni

    Glendon and Wynona Haney, who both graduated from Red Oak High School in 1951.  The Haneys have three generations as their children and grandchildren who are also Red Oak High School graduates. 

    If you're a long-time Hawk football fan, chances are you've heard the voice of Glendon "Red" Haney, as he announced home games for 12 years. After graduation, Glendon served in the US military before returning home to marry Wynona and start a family. He also started a business, Haney Insurance Company, organized the city's first Chamber of Commerce and drove a school bus for the district for 10 years. Red Haney became known as Judge Haney in 1975, serving Ellis County as both a Justice of the Peace and a Municipal Judge. He retired in 1997.

    Wynona Jonte (JON-tee) Haney attended Red Oak Schools all 12 years and then Hardin-Simmons College. When Glendon proposed, she said "YES" and became a stay-at-home mom to their two children, Glendon "Buddy" Haney, Jr. and  Sha Haney Butler. Wynona didn't stay home long, as she was busy volunteering, campaigning and working tirelessly to make the school system the best possible for, not only her children, but all children in Red Oak. In 1971 Wynona went to work for Red Oak ISD as a special education aide and the junior high secretary for 20 years before she moved to the administration office. Today you will find her still working at the Education Service Center. That's a total of 46 years...and still counting!

    The Haneys have served Red Oak Schools, the community and their church and are loyal pillars of the foundation of the Red Oak School family. The Haneys represent the TRADITION, the CHANGE and the EXCELLENCE that is the fabric of the school's history.