Application Procedure

  • Hawk Scholars is a cohort of selected ROHS students who will participate in extensive Dual Credit coursework beginning in their freshman year of high school with the goal of earning an Associate’s Degree through Navarro during high school that will be accepted intact by the University of Texas at Arlington.

    In order to apply, a portfolio of work must be submitted with the components described below. A portfolio is a personalized collection of documents and artifacts. It should reflect the individual student and what he/she has accomplished. It should also show evidence or indicators that support likely success in the Hawk Scholars Academy.


    Portfolio Requirements

    • Structure
      • The portfolio should be no larger than 12” x 18” and be between 10 – 40 pages in length.
      • Pages must be attached by rings or binding of some type; file folders or envelopes are not acceptable. Pocket folders with brads are preferred, but the choice of presentation is not a factor in portfolio evaluation.
      • Please include a Title Page followed by a Table of Contents. Page numbers are not required.
      • Ensure that portfolio documents are copies, not originals.
    • Required documents (Please include these components in the order specified below)
      • A score report from at least one attempt at the TSI test (passing results are not required for initial application)
      • A completed Applicant Information and Acknowledgements page
      • A handwritten writing sample by the student: “Why I desire to apply to Hawk Scholars Academy”
      • (Please contact Paula Barnes at ROMS if accommodations are required.)
      • A copy of the most recent report card
      • A copy of the most current state testing score reports (those subjects available at the time of submission)
      • Include a selection of additional documents from within the past 3 years, including:
        • Student work samples and/or project artifacts (such as photos or summary articles) that demonstrate academic readiness for advanced work
        • Certificates of achievement, letters of commendation, or news articles highlighting the student
        • Optional: Documents that reflect leadership, outside interests, service to others, and talents
        • Optional: Additional student information that could demonstrate readiness for the program
      • A minimum of two Reference Recommendations from those that have known the students educationally within the past two years. These will be mailed separately to the committee. Ensure that name and privacy selections are completed at the top of the form, and that the respondent is provided with a stamped, addressed envelope.

    Please compile the information and submit your portfolio to Amanda Hulett at the Middle School no later than Feb 21, 2019.

    Late submissions, if considered at all, will be considered separately from on-time submissions.


    • Upon review of the applicants’ testing results and portfolios, selected applicants will be contacted to schedule a panel interview with representatives from ROISD, Navarro, and UTA.
    • Students must meet college entrance testing criteria. On-site TSI testing at ROMS/ ROHS is available and can be scheduled through the Counseling Office.
      • Please note that testing fees apply.
      • Minimum scores on the TSI test are a score of 5 on the essay and ABE diagnostic of 4, OR 4 on the essay with at least 340 on writing, 351 on reading, and 350 on mathematics according to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.
    • Students accepted to the program will be contacted during late spring 2019.
    • Students must be enrolled at ROHS and accepted by Navarro before beginning coursework in Hawk Scholars Academy.

    For additional information, please contact the Curriculum Department at 972-617-2941