To Do Lists

  • Junior To Do List


    Know your GPA and rank (check your transcript in Skyward Portfolio), where do you stand as far as college admission? (Example: If you plan on attending the University of North Texas and are in the second quartile of your class, what score do you need on your SAT for admissions?)

    College-bound athletes: are you NCAA eligible?  Make sure to talk to your coach about college sports.

    In Naviance, take the Career and Interest Profiler.  What interest you?  What kind of degree will you need for that career? Check out the related college majors in Naviance.

    Get your scores back for PSAT

    Complete College SuperMatch in Naviance.  Which colleges are a good fit?

    Make a list of colleges you are thinking about in Naviance. 

    Link PSAT Collegeboard account to Khan Academy.

    Use Khan Academy to study for the SAT


    Continue to study for the SAT through Khan Academy.

    Use Naviance to investigate school SAT requirements.  Know your goal for the SAT in order to meet admissions requirements.

    If you plan to apply for a JROTC scholarship or admission to a service academy (Air Force Academy, West Point etc.), begin application.  

    Begin/Update your resume in Naviance.  You may need this for college applications and letters of recommendation.


    Plan a college visit during Spring Break

    Take the SAT

    Go back to your career interests and check out Occupational Outlook Handbook found in Naviance under College > Home > College Resources

    Do the colleges in your college list have the major you are looking for?


    Get your scores back for SAT

    Schedule a retest if you did not get the score you wanted


    Narrow down your college choices.  Consider community colleges with the option to transfer into a larger university.

    Why community college? Can be cheaper, gives a fresh start for students that did not get the best grades or test scores in high school. Students can transfer to bigger universities after getting core courses done and meeting transfer criteria.

    Update Resume in Naviance

    Complete end of year reflection using Naviance.  Set goals based on your reflection.  What did you get done? What do you still need to do?


    Senior To Do List

    • Apply! Go to Apply Texas website and start applying! Familiarize yourself with enrollment requirements and procedures. Keep in mind that some schools have application fees. Don’t forget to send the necessary SAT/ACT scores directly from College Board and ACT and request for your high school transcript to be sent out to the college of your choice.  The transcript request form can be found in the ROHS Counseling Office and each transcript will cost $1.  

    • Submit your FAFSA NOW!

    • Register for college admissions tests and retests such as ACT / SAT in the fall of your senior year.  In order to sign up for these tests you will need the Red Oak High School Institution Code: 445405 

    • Update your resume including volunteer hours and part-time and summer jobs.  

    • Search for scholarships. Start with your college or university (you must be admitted in order to apply to these scholarships and deadlines start as early as Dec. 1). Check with your parent's place of work or your employer. Check here often for local scholarships.