Credit Recovery

  • Red Oak Independent School District is committed to offering a variety of learning opportunities to support students in making progress towards high school completion.  If they have not mastered the content and skills required to receive credit to meet graduation requirements in a traditional classroom setting, they can regain credit by taking courses through the Credit Recovery Program.  This program targets specific components, or a subset of the standards, to address deficiencies necessary for student proficiency.

    In the Credit Recovery program, students are engaged in rich multimedia lessons, assignments, and assessments while working toward pre-set targets for successful course completion.  Students also have the benefit of participating in virtual, self-directed, and self-paced personalized instruction, as well as the ability to continue learning from home after the regular school day.  Smaller class settings, where they can receive immediate feedback, help students have successful online learning experiences.

    Red Oak ISD uses the Edgenuity online program for credit recovery and grade repair. Students completing coursework for a previously failed course will receive the grade earned in credit recovery. Credit Recovery is not appropriate for AP courses. This is because of the need to ensure AP courses meet College Board requirements.

    Our goals are to:

    • Ensure students have equitable access to high-quality education.
    • Support the academic and overall success of every student needing to regain credit and graduate on time.
    • Continue our Graduate Profile mission to empower students to display the 4 Talons of the Hawk, specifically, exhibiting academic readiness, and seeking opportunities and challenges of learning.
    • Support students in receiving credit for high school graduation on time, according to their four-year plan.