ROHS Writing Center

  • Welcome to the Red Oak High School Writing Center

    The Writing Center is open during Talon Time on Wednesdays and after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. in room 213 starting October 2018.  Bring your papers, bring your USB drives, but most importantly, bring yourself! It is best to schedule an appointment (online schedule form coming soon), but walk-ins are welcome and will be accommodated whenever possible.

    Peer consultants work to encourage and enable students of all grades and skill-level to succeed in learning how to write at a higher level across the curriculum. Our consultants are trained to help students through one-on-one sessions and other methods of instruction.

    Come to the center if:

    • You have been advised to seek extra help in planning, drafting, or revising a piece of writing 
    • You wish to improve your writing skills in any situation
    • You would like help on a college essay or other writings for a specific purpose
    • You would like to learn how to locate and use writing resources for yourself

    We are eager and happy to help explain assignments, explore ideas, organize essays, and strategize revisions.  We also focus in-depth on challenging aspects of writing a paper, such as organizational, stylistic, mechanical, and grammatical issues.

    Come meet our wonderful team pictured here:

    Our wonderful tutor team

  • Will Do

    • Ask you questions to focus your ideas and strengthen your writing
    • Send you out with helpful resources (e.g. thesis development, citation style handouts/links, grammar rules)
    • Guide you toward developing and retaining strong writing skills
    • Focus on the importance and success of the writing process
    • Provide verbal and written feedback
    • Answer any questions you have about writing
  • Won't Do

    • Write your paper for you
    • Intimidate or insult you
    • Proofread/edit for you
    • Guarantee any particular grade on your work
    • Read dropped off work
    • Print things for you
  • For more information or questions, contact:

    Dr. Gretchen Cohenour
    Red Oak High School
    Email Dr. Cohenour