ROHS Robotic Team

  • The team has completed the robot – named “Alice”. It is bagged and ready for competition. It is named after Alice in Wonderland because of the fact that she grew and shrunk. The students (and mentors) have learned a lot. The team started with a 12 hour marathon day on Saturday, Jan. 6. After 2500 team hours of after school and full day Saturday practices (which includes essay writing, videography, community service, community awareness, fundraising, media promotion, administration, kids day camp, mentoring a rookie team in Glen Rose, planning for next year, design, programming, pneumatics, electrical, mechanical, testing, modifying, and more), they have completed in 4 weeks what would take an engineering staff 2-3 months to do. It started out as a design problem, then a sketch on paper, and now a working robot. The robot’s bill of material came out to be about $5000.

    We will be competing at the Lubbock and Denver regional. At these events, 60 teams will be in attendance from all over the US and Mexico, Turkey, China, and more. We have been in regular skype contact with a team from Istanbul, Turkey. We will meet them in Denver.

    To learn more about FIRST competitions and other programs, please visit the FIRST website.

    To see this year’s competition, visit the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition YouTube channel.

    Our sponsors for this year:

    • Triumph Aerospace Structures
    • Red Oak ISD
    • Citizen’s National Bank of Texas
    • SAM (Surveying and Mapping engineering)
    • Trinity Materials, Inc.
    • First in Texas
    • Melvetica
    • Brooke and Angela Perkins
    • Sonic
    • David and Debra Cowger
    • Louden Motor Company

    Thank you for your support,

    Bryan Rogers

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  • Robotic team with their demonstrating their robot