National Honor Society

  • Red Oak High School National Honor Society (NHS) meets the first Thursday of every month in the Lecture hall at both 7:45 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.

    Red Oak Chapter National Honor Society - Entrance Information

    The National Honor Society is an organization based on four pillars: Character, Service, Leadership, and Scholarship.

    A student cannot be admitted into the Red Oak Chapter of the National Honor Society until he/she is in at least tenth grade and has been a student at ROHS for at least one full semester.

    The scholarship requirement for NHS membership is a cumulative 92 average or a 5.2 weighted GPA.

    • Cumulative – Semester grades from all courses taken since entering high school are averaged.
    • Weighted – Extra points are earned for Pre-AP, Dual Credit, and AP classes.

    During September, tenth-twelfth grade students who meet the above requirements for scholarship (and have ten or fewer discipline points) are invited to apply for membership in NHS. They do this by completing a form that demonstrates their involvement in the school and community. A five-member Faculty Council uses this form to determine which students meet the character, leadership, and service requirements for NHS membership. No limits exist for invitations or membership: every student who meets the academic requirements receives an invitation to apply, and all applicants that the Faculty Council believes meet the four pillars are granted the opportunity to be inducted.  However, the Faculty Council must determine that students meet the qualifications for leadership and service before membership can move forward.  Although any student invited to apply is an exceptional young adult, the completion of the application does not guarantee membership.

    Once a student is inducted into NHS, he/she is required to pay $15 dues, attend monthly meetings, complete five, six, or seven hours of community service (depending on which year of high school the student was inducted) each six weeks, and participate in group service projects and fundraisers.

    First-year students and students new to ROHS this year who would like to be considered for NHS membership next year should focus on the following:

    • academic excellence in their classes,
    • participation in school activities (get involved in sports, clubs, etc.), and 
    • involvement in the community (volunteer at an animal shelter, nursing home, church, food pantry, etc.)