• Purpose:

    • Student Council is the link between teachers and administrators in ROISD to share student ideas, interests, and concerns for ROHS.
    • We plan school-wide activities, including social events and community projects. We also support all other ROHS groups and help people in need.
    • We are active members of the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC).
    • We are the TASC District III President representative.
    • We are the TASC State Secretary representative/


    StuCo eligibility is open to any current ROHS student. As an open council any student who completes a membership form, pays dues, and maintains good standing will be considered a general member of the ROHS Student Council. Members are required to maintain at least 6 points every 6 weeks. Points are earned through Student Council activities and fundraisers. 6 points is equivalent to 2 hours of service with Student Council. Opportunities for points will be available for both online and in person learners. Online membership forms are available through the following site: ROHS Student Council Online Membership Form

    2021-2022 Student Council Officers

    • President - Jose Moreno
    • Vice-president - Saadi El-Saadi
    • Communications Secretary - Lauren Starling
    • Recording Secretary - Nicole Davis
    • Parliamentarian - Gabriela Martinez
    • Treasurer/Historians - Kevin Martinez & Grace Nodado


    “So, who’s in charge?”

    • Lead Sponsor: Angela Thomas (email Angela Thomas)
    • Co-Sponsors: Andrew Davis & Claudia Moreno 

    “When do we meet?”

    • The third Tuesday of each month in the ROHS Lecture Hall
    • 2 meeting options: 7:45 a.m. or 4:15 p.m.
    • A zoom broadcast will be live during the meeting for virtual learners
    • We have project meetings/activities throughout the month.   

    “How do I know what’s going on?”

    • Sign up for our remind messages by texting @stucorohs or @stucorohs2 to 81010


    If you are unable to view the calendar, please click to access the Student Council event calendar in new window.