Hawk Scholars Academy Q&A

  • What is Hawk Scholars Academy?

    Hawk Scholars Academy is a group of selected students who participate in extensive dual credit coursework beginning their freshman year of high school with the goal of completing the 42 semester credit hour core curriculum as established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for all undergraduate students in Texas public higher education institutions. Students may also complete 18 additional hours of college credit to earn an Associate’s Degree through Navarro College. Hawk Scholars Academy graduates will be recognized at graduation. Texas General Education Core Curriculum WebCenter.

    What institutions are involved in Hawk Scholars Academy?

    The state of Texas has a shared 42 semester credit hour common core curriculum among state colleges. Once a student completes the 42 core hours, his/her transcript is marked core complete and all Texas state colleges must accept these hours intact. Red Oak ISD also has a joint agreement with Navarro College and The University of Texas at Arlington allowing students to earn an Associate’s Degree with Navarro which will then be transferable to UTA. Students would be classified as a junior at UTA and would be considered for multiple scholarship opportunities not available to many other incoming students.

    What is the cost to participate in the Hawk Scholars Academy?

    Although participation in Hawk Scholars Academy affords a great financial savings over a traditional 4-year degree, it does have associated costs. If accepted to the program, students will be taking college courses and beginning a college transcript. Tuition rates set by the institution apply. For Navarro, current tuition is $81 per semester hour. Most dual credit courses are 3-hour courses, making the cost per class about $241 plus textbook and course fees when applicable. Departmental fees, distance learning fees, and course-specific fees may sometimes apply, and rates may change.

    How is Hawk Scholars Academy different?

    Rather than a separate early-college high school, Hawk Scholars Academy allows for participation as a student at Red Oak High School, which includes opportunities for extracurricular activities, clubs, and events that are enjoyed by his/her peers. In addition, the 42 core credit program allows students flexibility in their college degree choices after graduation.

    How do students start the process to become a Hawk Scholar?

    Students must submit the Participant Information and Acknowledgment page to their counselor, who will then start the process of communication and guidance to enroll in dual credit courses. To be eligible for dual credit coursework, students must meet a specific score on the TSIA 2.0 test. (See the Procedures and Guidelines information page for score requirements.)

    *This information is effective for 2021-2022 incoming freshmen.