• Student IDs MUST be worn and visible at all times during the school day.
    • ROHS and ROMS students MUST wear a neck lanyard with their ID visible for consistent identification.


    • Clear backpacks are required for secondary students (Gr. 6-12)
    • Backpacks must be clear plastic, not tinted or full mesh


    The first time a student comes to school out of dress code/ID, they will be allowed to fix it; however,


    • It will be put in Skyward as a warning.

    • The parent is called and given the chance to fix the dress code issue.

    • Students will be in ISS until a parent arrives on campus.

    • If the parent cannot get here by the end of first period, the student will serve all day in ISS.

    Subsequent dress code violations will result in ISS whether they can fix it or not.


    Dress Code Violations (after first-time warning mentioned above):

    • 1st Offense = 1 day ISS and 3 points
    • 2nd Offense = 2 days ISS and 3 points
    • 3rd Offense = 3 days ISS and 3 points
    • 4th Offense = 1 day OSS and 3 points
    • 5th Offense = 2 days OSS and 3 points
    • 6th (+) Offense = 3 days OSS and 3 points

    Students receive their first ID and one more free. Any ID after that will cost $5.