Counselor's Corner

  • The counseling program at 6th Grade Center is one that works to implement the best practices outlined by the Texas Education Agency to serve 6th grade students. To that end, the scope of counseling services includes guidance curriculum, responsive services, individual planning and system support.

    Specifically, my personal approach to servicing my students involves collaborating with students, parents, teachers, and administrative staff to implement the counseling program. My goal is to help prepare students for meaningful and productive living.  I work to implement a program that will teach students valuable academic, personal/social, and career skills that students take with them as they progress beyond 6th grade.  I acquire routine professional development to stay up to date on the latest school counseling strategies. Data is also employed to implement a program specific to the needs of the 6th Grade Center. In general, the counseling department works to support and promote the school’s goals for student success.  

    6th Grade Center counseling activities include the following:

    • Deliver Classroom character lessons: ‘Self-confidence’, ‘Achievement motivation’, ‘Decision-making’, ‘Communication Skills’, ‘Cross-culture Effectiveness’ and ‘Responsible Behavior’
    • Provide follow-up character lessons to teaching staff
    • Meet with students in small-group and one-on-one for academic, emotional and responsive support
    • Meet with parents and teachers for collaboration on how best to meet students’ needs
    • Coordinate middle school 6GC Rachel’s Challenge activities
    • State testing coordination
    • Conduct classroom character lessons
    • Facilitate schoolwide positive behavioral incentives