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    Welcome to the Learning Commons!

    Every class has visited the Learning Commons and learned a little about how we rearranged the fiction section of the library. The fiction section is now divided into 10 sub genres. (mystery, adventure, historical fiction, realistic fiction, humor, graphic novels, fantasy, sports, animal stories, and scary). This will make it easier for the students to browse for books and find just the right one. 

    The Power of Picture Books

    Picture books play a major role in a child’s development. They blend words with art, harmoniously working together to tell a story. In talking about why picture books are important, author Charles Ghigna (Father Goose) said, “It is the joyous power of picture books that turns young listeners into readers and readers into writers.”

    Picture books help to:
    • Kick-start literacy — picture books help develop oral language and are the building blocks of literacy
    • Promote visual literacy — decoding images is as important as reading text
    • Support cultural literacy — broaden the understanding of beliefs and cultures
    • Support multiple learning styles — read-aloud picture books with activities can help spatial and kinesthetic learners
    • Encourage discussion and critical thinking for kids of all ages
    • Offer different viewpoints and experiences — picture books can be read over and over again, each time engaging with the story in a new way
    • Create dialogue around sensitive topics (bullying, death, divorce)
    • Strengthen social emotional learning — empathy, social skills, and independence can be taught using picture books

    Happy Reading!

    Mrs. Dixon 

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