Counselor's Corner

  • ""One of my favorite things throughout the school year is K through 5th grade counseling classes. Every class is involved and each class receives at least one lesson each month. The lessons focus on emotions, getting along with others, doing your best, honesty, responsibility, bullying awareness, personal safety (WHO Program), etc. If a teacher has a specific concern in his/her class, I am glad to help out with additional lessons as needed. I inspire students to be fair, emphatic, responsible, respectful, caring, and productive citizens.

    In addition to classroom counselor lessons, I provide individual counseling and group counseling to students as needed.  I have implemented Lunch Bunch groups for our campus this year.  Lunch Bunch is a small group session designed to boost self-esteem, social skills, and increase peer relations.  Any student can attend, and sessions will be planned according to each group's specific need.

    I also serve as the campus testing coordinator, the RTI coordinator, manage campus special education testing referrals, administrate the NTFB's Food 4 Kids program on our campus, conduct conferences, serve on various committees, and help out in any other way that is needed.

    I also advise the HAW Music Club, an afterschool club for 4th and 5th graders to learn guitar. I am also involved with the Student Council at Wooden. 

    Please feel free to contact me with your questions and student concerns.  I look forward to knowing and working with your students!

    Contact Information

    Jill Bowers
    HA Wooden Elementary
    972-617-2977 ext. 2003

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