Counselor Corner

  • It is my pleasure to welcome you to Wooden Elementary!  I LOVE being an elementary school counselor.  This is where the action is!

    As a professional school counselor at Wooden Elementary, I am dedicated to empowering EVERY student to achieve academic success, personal growth, social growth, and emotional well-being. By providing a comprehensive counseling program, all of the needs and goals of all our students are addressed. Collaborating with teachers, I inspire students to be fair, empathic, responsible, respectful, caring, and productive citizens. 

    I love teaching our Emotional Growth Lessons to all of our classes in a large group setting.  Every class receives an Emotional Growth Lesson each week!  

    Our Emotional Growth lesson topics include:

    • Growth Mindset
    • Personal Safety
    • Red Ribbon Week
    • Bullying Awareness
    • Feelings/Emotions
    • College & Career Readiness
    • Self-Control
    • Perservence/Rescilience
    • Being a Good Friend
    • Test Anxiety

    Red Oak ISD Guidance/Character Topics:

    • August/September--Introduction/Respect (1% Better/Prepared)
    • Bullying within the 1st grading period--Elementary
    • October--Good Citizenship/School Pride (GRIT/Challenges)
    • November/December--Gratitude (REACH/We Before Me--December)
    • January--Trustworthy/Integrity (1% Better/Prepared)
    • February--Responsibility (Grit/Challenges)
    • March--Fairness/Caring (REACH/Character)
    • April/May--Courage (Service/We Before Me)

    I am available to help with short-term counseling interventions for things such as anxiety, fear, worries, school resistance, and family issues. If it is an issue that cannot be solved short-term, I am happy to refer your student to a qualified professional counselor/therapist.

    My job also includes individual counseling and small group counseling.   I head the 504 committee and serve on the School Leadership Team, and the School Improvement Plan Committee.  I am also over referrals for SpEd testing.

    I am here to help all students, parents, and teachers.  If I can serve you or assist you in any area, please feel free to contact me.

    Wishing everyone a truly blessed year full of opportunity, success, and much happiness!