Campus Advisory Committee

  • ROISD has established this campus-level planning and decision-making committee to ensure effective planning and site-based decisions making to direct and support the improvement of student performance for all students.

    2020-2021 Campus Instructional Leadership Team

    Name Committee Role Position
    Amy Weis Administrator Principal
    Aimee Friesenhahn Administrator Assistant Principal
    Erica Edwards Classroom Teacher 3rd Grade Teacher
    Angela Hayes Classroom Teacher Resource Teacher
    Shirley Jones Classroom Teacher Kindergarten Teacher
    Donna Little Classroom Teacher 4th Grade Teacher
    Taylor Morris Classroom Teacher 5th Grade Teacher
    Kim Nanashe Classroom Teacher Fine Arts Teacher
    Rosa Salinas-Sletmeen Classroom Teacher GT Teacher
    Mackenzie Sanborn Classroom Teacher 1st Grade Teacher
    Andrea Swords Classroom Teacher 2nd Grade Teacher
    Jill Bowers Non-Classroom Professional Counselor
    Fatima Nadzan Paraprofessional Paraprofessional
    Catrina Reeves District-Level Professional Director of Human Resources
    Michelle Carson Parent Parent
    Anna Santoyo Community Representative Community Member