Training Room Info

  • Athletic Training Times

    The athletic training room is open at 7:00 am until the start of 1st period.

    If your child has an injury, they need to come to the training room at this time. This is to make sure we are aware of the injury so we can communicate this information to the coach.

    Athletes who come to practice and tell us they were injured from the day before and did not come to morning treatments will be sent to practice until we finish with all of the other students who did come to morning treatments. We will not be responsible for treating any injuries that an athlete received outside (includes club or select) of school time. We will examine them during sick call in the mornings and tell them what they may need to do, but they will come last to the athletes that are hurt during school functions.

    Athletic Training Room Rules of Conduct

    1. Report every injury at the end of practice. If it develops overnight, the athletic training room hours for evaluations will be before school. If you are not present for morning evaluations/sick call, it will be assumed that you are able and ready to play. Those who do not show up for morning treatments will be able to come in for treatments during A and B lunches and 8th period. No treatments will mean no taping if needed.

    2. If not an emergency, please clean up before coming to the athletic training room and wear suitable clothing.


    4. If you are to receive treatment or taping, please be patient and wait your turn. When you are finished, leave the athletic training room so we can attend to others.

    5. Please do not lie down or sit on treatment tables unless instructed to do so.

    6. No food or drink is allowed in the athletic training room by the athletes.

    7. Taking items from the athletic training room without permission by the professional or student athletic trainers is stealing and will be treated as such.

    8. Athletes are not permitted to operate any athletic training room equipment or modalities.

    9. Athletes are responsible for all items issued to them. If it is not returned, the athlete will be held responsible for the replacement cost of the items.

    10. There will be no fighting, roughhousing, or throwing things in the athletic training room.

    11. The student athletic trainers are to assist the professional athletic trainers. Please respect them and their services. Disrespect and/or mistreatment of the student trainers will not be tolerated.

    12. If a student sees a physician in the event of any injury or illness during the school year, we will require a note from the physician stating what the problem is, when the student can be released (this must be specifically stated) and by whom will the student be released. If you need to see a physician and are not sure who you should go to, the athletic training staff has a list of orthopedic physicians that we have used and feel comfortable sending our athletes to.

    Due to rate of bacterial infections that can take place in school, please remind your kids that showering, washing hands, using clean or not sharing towels, washing clothes in hot water with detergents that have bleach, are all great ways to cut down on bacterial infections such as Staph aureus, ring worm, jock itch and athlete's foot. The training staff should be made aware of any unusual bumps or lumps on the athlete's skin. All wounds should be cleaned and covered. Red Oak High School sprays all athletic areas yearly.