• Our GOAL is to build a program where social responsibility, academic integrity, and competitive excellence are the standard for all.

    FOUNDATION  (Discipline-Toughness-Conviction)

    • Character of the individual
    • Teamwork
    • Competitive mindset
    • Superior strength & conditioning
    • Fundamentals (effort with technique)

    "Success has requirements, not options." - Nick Saben

    Play Hard - Play Fast - Play Together

    • Play Hard: Paying the physical price necessary to be a champion.
      • Before you can be a champion you must learn to work like one. Victories are earned through your hard work, dedication, effort, and focus.
      • Ordinary talent coupled with extraordinary perseverance, laser focus, and a consistent commitment to improvement is the basis for elite performance on and off of the field
      • Growth mindset: Hard work matters, Mental Toughness (grit)
    • Play Fast: Mastering the skills and techniques to do your job at an expert level.
      • Great technique is the tool of champions. STEAL A STEP!
      • Understanding of scheme (What to do, how to do it, and WHY you are doing it)
      • We will win with technique, fundamentals, and a passionate focus on the smallest details.
    • Play Together: We will take great pride in playing for each other.
      • Honor the Team (Personal accountability: give yourself a chance to be great)
      • Prepare with purpose, consistent effort, attack the challenge, FINISH
      • Respect your coaches and love your teammates

    “Championship teams are not built on the strength of individual players, but by the strength of the unit and how they function together.” -Belichick