Track Practice Schedule

  • April 22nd - 26th  Regional Meet 

    Monday: Regional Meet Qualifiers  Practice 2:30 - 3:30pm at stadium 

    Tuesday: Regional Meet Qualifiers Practice  during 5th Period at the stadium.  

    Wednesday:Regional Meet Qualifiers Practice during 5th Period at the stadium  

    Thursday: No Practice -Treatment and Ice bath 

    Friday: 1st Bus Departure 9:30am Field Event only / 2nd Bus Departure  Relays / 200 12:15pm 

               Girls Discus  12:00 noon 

               4x100 Pre Lims 3:30pm   

               4X200 Pre Lims  5:15pm 

               200 meters  - 6:40pm 

    Saturday Finals: 

               5A Girls Shot 9 am 

               4x100 Finals 3:30pm

               4x200 Finals 5:05pm

               200 Meter Finals 6:10

Track Meet Agenda