• Mission Statement

    The mission of Eastridge Elementary School is to create life-long learners who are academically and socially prepared to be productive citizens by providing a safe environment with strong parental and community involvement where all children are challenged through stimulating learning experiences to meet the community goal of "Realizing Our Individual Student's Dreams."

    Vision Statement

    As Educators we must continually focus on staff development designed to improve classroom instruction. The learning process must be meaningful for students so they may develop an understanding of the value of a quality education and a desire to pursue excellence throughout their lives.


    At Eastridge Elementary School, our goal is to be focused on the needs of our students. We realize that our students come to us with varying backgrounds, needs, and abilities. We believe that every child deserves to be valued by each and every person working on our campus. There is nothing a child can do to lose that value. It is our promise to each student, parent, guardian, and community member that each of us is committed to being a person of character and valuing each student placed in our care.