What services do school counselors provide?

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• Assist new students with the transition to school
• Guide students through registration and orientation
• Address academic achievement concerns, post-secondary plans (college, technical schools, financial aid)
• Interpret standardized tests and results
• Direct students to academic assistance
• Intervene in crisis situations
• Provide counsel for family transitions (i.e. death, divorce, re-marriage, new sibling, etc.)
• Mediate peer disputes
• Help students adjust to school, changes
• Develop student intervention teams
• Counsel students with personal or educational concerns
• Provide referrals to special programs
• Facilitate parent/teacher communication
• Review student records
• Provide career, college, and financial aid information
• Assist teachers with student needs
• Provide referral information on community resources for eating disorders, substance abuse, depression, suicide, etc.
• Provide summer school information
• Organize an annual college night event