At the urging of local emergency officials, ROISD has implemented the following tornado warning protocol: During a tornado warning, students and staff will remain in school in pre-designated shelter areas. The main office will be closed until the warning has been passed. Students will not be released, and staff will be in duck and cover protocol with students for the safety of all students and staff. Local fire officials have indicated that staff should “NOT” be in office areas and buildings should not be open to the public during TORNADO WARNINGS.

Parents are requested not to come to school for their children during tornado or severe thunderstorm watches or warnings, as offices are closed.

In the event of a TORNADO WARNING before the start of school, school will be canceled or delayed as appropriate. If inclement weather arises while buses are en route to or from school, District Safety Procedure calls for buses to divert to the nearest campus for shelter. For more information on the inclement weather protocol, you may pick up a copy of the protocol from your child’s school.

Thank you for your support of our efforts to keep our children safe.