About PTSA

""About PTSA

We are proud to have a very active PTSA at Red Oak High School and hope that you have decided to join us in our efforts to support your child’s school.

We are sure that the #1 reason you decided to join your PTSA is to support your school. We are dedicated to making this school the best environment for educating students that it can be. By joining, you are supporting all of our great work.

Studies show that involved parents tend to have safer and higher achieving students. Being a PTSA member is one way to be an involved parent. You’ll also be given more opportunities for involvement throughout the year.

PTSA offers scholarships for staff, underclassmen, and graduating seniors. We raise funds for these scholarships through the football concession stand. The more adult and student volunteers we have at the stand, the more food we sell and the more we raise for scholarships! Each volunteer received FREE admission to the game and a FREE drink and food item. Please note that students’ volunteer time in the concession stand (even if they are also counting that time for NHS, Swag, or ROTC) will count for 15% of the score for senior scholarships and 25% of the score for underclassman grants.