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First Week of School Information

Important Information

First Week

During the first week of school (August 19th-23rd), all parents and guardians are welcome to walk their children into the building and to their child's classroom, after signing in at the office. Beginning Monday, August 26th, parents will be welcome to walk in the front doors, but we ask that the students walk themselves to their classrooms.Parents will be allowed to walk the students into the office, but students will walk to the gym (before 7:15 am) or to their classrooms (after 7:15 am) by themselves. If your child needs extra assistance, we will have staff members available. We thank you for helping to foster independence in your child!

Lunch Visitors

We ask that you please not visit during lunch until after Labor Day. This will allow your student to have plenty of time to become familiar with lunch time procedures and develop friendships!

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Arrival-Supervision begins at 6:50 am

To drop off your student during arrival, you will enter from Ovilla Road, just past the Nazarene Church, into the long driveway at the back of Shields. Please do not drop off students in front of the building. You must drop off in the back of the building. Students may not walk in the front doors by themselves. If you wish to walk your students to the front door, please park in the front parking lot.

Dismissal-Dismissal begins at 3:10 pm

To pick up your student at dismissal time, you will enter from Ovilla Road, just past the Nazarene Church, into the long driveway at the back of Shields. You will need your car sign visible in your front windshield. Staff members will call for your student, and students will be safely guided to your car. If you don't have your car sign, you will be asked to drive around to the front, park, and bring your ID to the office to sign your student out. Car signs were given out at Meet the Teacher and will be available for new/returning students during the first week of school.

*Both morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up are in the back of the building*

*Only ROISD buses and daycare vans are allowed to drop-off and pick-up in the front of the school.*

All students will have a tag attached to their backpacks that identifies how they will go home each day. Please make sure the tag is not removed.