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Red Oak ISD Unity

June 7, 2020

Dear Red Oak ISD staff, students and parents,

My words seem inadequate, as my heart is heavy in light of recent events that have caused anger and pain.  We were all created equal and I personally do not understand why this is a concept not universally understood. 

I want the students, staff, families, and community to know that Red Oak ISD is proud of our diversity, and we are unified in our thoughts and actions that we are all one.  We take pride in knowing that our strength and love is found in our diversity, and we will not tolerate anything going against our unison.

I know without a doubt that our African American students, staff, and community are especially hurt, so I want to say to you that you do matter and you are equally important to our district. I also want to say that we are listening, and we will strive to be better.

In our true Red Oak Hawks fashion, we will show respect to each other, we will lift each other when we fall, we will stand up for what is right, and we will always be kind to each other because we know we are all equals!  We will take the conversations from today, and we will be committed to moving forward in a positive way to always recognize equality. 

We will take responsibility for our words and actions, and we will be committed to being the change. As always my ‘door is open’ – please feel free to reach out to me with any concerns.


 Brenda Sanford signature
Brenda Sanford, Superintendent
Red Oak ISD