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Salary increases for 2022-2023

Raises for all staff presented at Board Meeting

The Red Oak ISD Administration and Board of Trustees recognize the importance of increasing salaries for teachers and staff, as they are the most influential element of student learning. The Board, in particular, has been transparent in their desire to express to employees that they are appreciated and valued.

Over the past several years, the Board has approved several administrative recommendations for raises, attendance incentives, bonuses, and increased benefits. At the April 18, 2022, Board Meeting, the following salary assumptions were given to the Board and will be used for the 2022-2023 budget.

Staff on the teacher pay scale will receive a $1,000 increase at all steps, plus the step increase for their year of service. Teachers above the pay scale (over
30 years) will receive a $600 increase.

The new teacher structure will place Red Oak ISD as the top compensation district for the current teacher pay scale in North Ellis County (Waxahachie, Midlothian, Ennis, Palmer, Ferris, and Red Oak) for teachers with eight or more years of experience, and second for teachers new to teaching through seven years of experience.

All staff on auxiliary or paraprofessional pay grades will receive a 6% increase of their pay grade midpoint. Current administrative/professional staff will receive a 3% of midpoint raise.

“We know it is vitally important to have our students arrive at school safely, enjoy a delicious breakfast, learn in a clean environment, and have assistance for learning throughout the day,” stated Superintendent Sanford. “Our bus drivers, monitors, paraprofessionals, student nutrition staff, maintenance crew, and custodians work extremely hard every day to make our students' day the best it can be!”

In addition, the district has attendance incentives for bus drivers, custodians, and Little Hawks/After the Bell staff. Substitutes can earn more the more they work, and we are hiring floater subs to be on duty every day to fill staff absences. Paraprofessionals interested in pursuing a degree can apply for a district ‘scholarship’ for school as we look to grow our future educators.

“We continue to invest in our staff who are the most valuable asset toward providing the best education for every Red Oak ISD student,” stated Board President John Anderson. “Over the past five years, we have increased teacher pay starting salary by $9,500 to $53,500. Substantial raises, increased benefits, and additional employee perks such as MD Live, the Employee Assistance Program, stipends, and incentives will help us recruit and retain top-notch teachers to provide the best education for our Hawk students.”

In addition, this past year ROISD has increased staff benefits and offered a variety of incentives, many of which will continue into the 2022-2023 school year.

“We took a deep dive into other non-salaried benefits including local days, retirement packages, and medical costs,” stated Superintendent Brenda Sanford. “We brought upgraded benefits to the Board and are excited to put all increases in place this next year.”

The three major benefit changes include:

  • the addition of three local days to bring the total to five local days for each year;
  • increased district medical contribution to $325/month for enrolled employees (up from $250 for employee only); and
  • a robust employee retirement package offer that will pay out employees half their daily rate for up to 40 leave days (state and local) for employees working in the district for at least ten years with 95% attendance the last three years.

“The Board knows that our teachers and staff deserve competitive pay and benefits and the administration has worked hard to continue to explore savings, staffing ratios, and revenue sources to offer another raise for our staff. I thank the Board for their goal to reward our educators and staff across the district,” said Red Oak ISD Superintendent Brenda Sanford.

The salary structure increases and benefits will be effective for the 2022-2023 school year.