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Planning for the Fall

Dear Red Oak ISD staff,

As we plan for the fall, I know there is frustration among some parents, staff, and students about what school will look like in the fall. We have been intentional in not releasing information prematurely until we know what we factually can and cannot offer. We are anxiously awaiting guidance from Commissioner Morath and the Texas Education Agency on what will be allowed and guidelines that must be in place. 

Please know we have been working around the clock and have contingency plans ready to put in action for in-person face-to-face, virtual, and blended learning models to ensure safety while meeting the many different needs of our students. We just simply cannot release the information/plans, until TEA releases the guidelines we will be required to follow. 

We are sensitive to the many different needs and views. We know some are anxious to have their students back in a “typical” in-class and in-person setting, while others are fearful of sending their students back and would like to continue virtual learning.  With this knowledge, we also are looking at offering allowable options, but again, until we know from TEA what will be allowed, we cannot release these plans. 

Your student’s safety and education are our top priorities. We are listening, we do care, and we will work to meet your needs while protecting students and staff.


Brenda Sanford, Superintendent
Red Oak ISD